Time to Give Your Pet Some TLC?

Let our mobile pet service take care of them in Meridian, ID

Keeping your pet happy and healthy means regular nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and other specialized care. If you don't have the time to pamper your pet, let Pampered Paws Mobile Peticures LLC. help in Meridian, ID. Our mobile pet service has over 12 years of experience and will travel to you to take care of your furry loved one.

Get in touch with us if you need:

  • Pet nail trimming services
  • Dog ear cleaning services
  • Cat ear cleaning services
  • Dog teeth cleaning services
  • Cat teeth cleaning services
  • Dog anal gland expression services
  • Dog scooting treatment
  • Call 208-600-4952 today to schedule nail trimming, teeth cleaning or dog scooting treatment services.

    A la carte service for your pampered pet

    Does your pet have specific needs? We're glad to keep them comfortable. Our stand-alone pet grooming services include:

    • Pet nail trimming services for cats, dogs, small animals, reptiles and birds
    • Cat and dog teeth cleaning services
    • Soft paw scratch deterrents for cats
    • Cat and dog ear cleaning services
    • Paw friction traction aids for dogs
    • Anal gland expression for dogs
    • Paw pad and nose balms
    With our in-home services, your pet will get the care it needs in complete comfort. Pamper your pet by reaching out to us today.

    Our treatment packages

    Our mobile pet service offers packages that are purrfectly priced for your convenience. These include the:

    • Dog Bronze package - choose nail, ears and teeth, nails and glands or ears, teeth and glands for just $25
    • Dog Silver package - nails, teeth and glands for $30
    • Dog Gold package - ears, nails and glands for$35
    • Dog Platinum package - nails, ears, teeth and glands for $40
    • Cat Bronze package - nails, ears and teeth for $25
    • Cat Silver package - nails, soft paws and teeth for $40 to $50
    • Cat Gold package - nails, soft paws, ears and teeth for $45 to $55
    We can also add a paw pad or nose balm to any package for $3. All services also require a service charge of $10 and a flat travel fee of $5 for houses located in Ontario, Fruitland, New Plymouth, Emmett, Wilder and Greenleaf. Email us now to arrange for your dog ear cleaning service.